About Salt.Mango.Tree



Salt.Mango.Tree is a consciously curated marketplace for ethically sourced contemporary fashion and lifestyle products for the stylish woman like you, who knows the value of your purchasing power and thereby 'cast a vote for the kind of world you want.'


Here at Salt.Mango.Tree, we are committed to working closely with the immensely talented artisans and craftspeople of India to bring to your beautiful lifetime treasures crafted by employing the rich handicraft traditions of the sub-continent. Producing products steeped in all kinds of love, we pride ourselves in supporting conscious consumption and production, ethical practices, fair trade, and natural and organic materials. We partner with independent slow fashion brands, grassroots organisations and independent artisans to produce and design timeless and classic garments and accessories that last a lifetime and spark joy in you every time you choose to wear them. 


Our Logo


An abstract thumbprint a testimony to handmade products. We take pride in our uniqueness and exclusivity. 

Just like a thumbprint, we are one of a kind.