Celebrating Easy Dressing

Crow is a woman-owned and led, contemporary Indian brand, founded in 2011 by Shaila Khubchandani. It reflects functionality, hope for the environment, and inclusive communities. The brand is an amalgamation of traditional and modern sensibility. Crow harnesses the craftsmanship and knowledge of the artisan and translates it into wearable, artistic, and meaningful clothing, whilst using the finest quality of handwoven textiles, designed in harmony with nature.


Every garment at Crow is made to perfection and with great attention to detail by their skilled pattern makers and exceptional sewists to give the best fit, keeping in mind the ergonomics of the human body in their factory in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Crow works with many weaving communities across India who work with sustainable and non-power based traditional processes and tools similar to those seen in the 19th century making their textiles timeless and eco-friendly.