Deeta Clothing

 Lady wearing a black and white striped dress Lady wearing a black cotton crop top



Deeta Clothing


Deeta is a women-owned and led slow fashion brand founded in 2020 by two friends, Ekta Singh and Divya Chauhan, an alumnus of the School of Fashion Technology, Pune. The brand focuses on creating contemporary pieces using traditional crafts and natural fabrics and is inspired by the colours, architecture and crafts of their home state, Pune.


Deeta is a portmanteau of the founders' names, Ekta and Divya, each complementing their own skills with each other and coming together to create a singular vision. A vision to create timeless pieces using natural fabrics cut in contemporary styles and yet enticing us with simple, elegant hand-embroidered details on the garments.

Each piece is designed to delight us, be it in the cut of the fabric, the feel or just the sweet details on the hem, cuff, or slit. The USP of Deeta Clothing lies in the natural textiles, the texturing, the hand-crafted, subtle detailing of contrasting hues and the inventive use of craft and surface treatment.


Lady wearing black and white striped dress Lady wearing a black long dress Lady wearing a white cotton sleeveless dress   Lady wearing black and white dress