Fabric and Care


1. Washing and Ironing


All our pieces are colour tested, however, please expect slight colour bleeding for the first few washes. We provide specific care tags and instructions [where required] with every order and on our website too. Right care is paramount to maintain longevity of handcrafted pieces. Since we work largely with handloom cotton, please note with each wash the fabric only gets softer.


Care Guide


  1. Always wash your clothes in cold water. Natural fibres shrink in hot water and the heat can strip natural dyes and prints; therefore, it is important to ensure you use only cold water.
  2. Most cases spot cleaning or a cold hand wash or even using a hand wash setting on your washing machine is sufficient to clean your pieces.
  3. Use only mild washing liquid. Please avoid the ones with bleach.
  4. Wash the garments on its own if you are not sure. Spot cleaning is always a great idea if you don’t want to wash the entire piece. 
  5. Wash similarly coloured clothes together. Dark and light-coloured clothes must always be washed separately.
  6. We recommend not using a dryer to dry your clothes. Heat can shrink natural fibres and strip your clothes off the dyes and prints.
  7. When it comes to zips and buttons, we recommend zipping up but unbuttoning all buttons. This is because zips can and will snag or damage your clothes in the wash, whereas buttoning up will ensure free movement of garment in wash and will not cause tearing, breaking or damage to either the buttons and/or item.
  8. Never soak, wring or rub the fabric. After rinsing in cold water, pop on a hanger in the shade or lay flat to avoid stretching to dry.
  9. Some fabrics may shrink slightly when washed. Just turn them inside out and give them a quick iron and they should return to their original shape and size.
  10. We recommend ironing all garments inside out to help your piece stay beautiful for as long as it can. And those with embroidery or beading should always be ironed very gently or steamed on the reverse side.
  11. Ironing or using the steam function also helps to freshen up your clothes in between washes.
  12. However, spot cleaning stains before ironing or steam cleaning is important for a successful removal of stains.


2. Fabric & Printing


2.1 The garment I received does not have the same print placement as the one on the website. Why?


Our partner brands use premium fabrics and prints that are hand-blocked/screen printed on to the running fabric and therefore may marginally vary in each batch of print. They use what is known as an ‘all over print" design and the positioning of artwork may be different from that displayed on our website. 

Also, because we are working towards reducing fabric wastage, garment styles are cut as close together as possible. This, however, does mean that no two garments will ever be the same.


2.2 The colours look different on the website. 


All photographs are for representation purposes only and are shot in daylight to ensure they look as close as possible to the original product ordered but may still have marginal colour variations from the actual product.

In addition, some of the brands we work with also use vegetable dyes, azo-free dyes and naturally derived colours which translates to very subtle colours.

All our pieces are handcrafted in India using traditional, artisanal techniques. Subtle variations in patterns are natural to these processes.