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Like most people, I enjoy fashion, beauty and bargain hunting! My journey towards a sustainable lifestyle and fashion began in 2017 when the gallery I worked for showcased an exhibition that detailed out the realities, horrors and detrimental repercussions fast fashion has on our society and environment. I learnt about the Rana plaza accident through this exhibition and, I was aghast that I was contributing to the wretchedness of so many people worldwide.


With a newfound purpose to make changes in my life, wardrobe and lifestyle, I began looking for brands that shared my values of sustainable practices for the environment, respect for the art and ethical wages for artisans. As a nod to my heritage, my search began in India and; I came across independent brands who not only foster these values but also bring together artisan communities practising age-old crafts and techniques to produce contemporary everyday objects.


Salt.Mango.Tree was thus born as a medium to bring these extraordinary artisans and communities, their stories, products and designs to you, right in the comfort of your home. I hope you share my love and enthusiasm for unique and beautiful everyday objects and choose to support and empower artisan communities around the world.
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