Kilchu India

Close up shot of a green and brown handwoven merino kimonoClose up of a red and green stripe merino top





Kilchu is a woman-owned and led brand by Akanksha Rathore, an Industrial Designer from IDC, IIT Bombay. Akanksha has her heart for exploring materials, and studying culture and philosophy. After years of working as a furniture designer, she found her calling when she worked with an NGO on a livelihood project. "Kilchu" lends its name to the brand through her strong connection to her native place and her roots of the same name. The brand's USP is making way for well-designed products manifesting in different forms and functions.

Kilchu, a desert village close to Bikaner in Rajasthan has the charm of the bygone, the collective identities of the people and their way of life address and inspires the brands' ethos.  

The brand believes in comfort and precision, and every effort is made to bring out the details of the materials in the garments' construction and silhouette. 

The garments are reflective of their study of Bikaner and their love for the culture, material and form is evident in their designs. Their collections are reflective of their learnings and travels. The fabrics and crafts explored are completely the genesis of the communities they work with. Their core values include being inclusive of the environment, the natural cycles of the season, an understanding of consumption and production and that the knowledge they gain must be shared and celebrated!