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Lafaani; is a slow fashion brand conceived and created over endless chai conversations between friends Drishti Modi and Rashmick Lafaani. The brand aims to create timeless silhouettes by applying the knowledge of age-old traditional Indian crafts with sustainability as its focus. 


Lafaani has its roots in Urdu and literally translates to immortality.


Drishti and Rashmick, together with their team, design and produce garments that are made to be treasured and cherished for years to come-thereby intentionally immortalising the labour and loving their artisans' breath into it. 


For them, sustainability is not a passing fad but, in fact, a mindful and conscious lifestyle choice that sits in the centre of all their decision-making, from design to post-consumption. Their design philosophy is to ensure that each piece is designed for longevity and multi-functionality. They aspire towards forging meaningful connections and co-creating with craft communities. 

Drishti and Rashmick, through their wearable works of art, hope to create a world where fashion and sustainability are not an oxymoron. Their curation ‘is an ode to those seeking that delicate balance between saving the world & savouring it.’


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