A collective hope towards a better world
Santanu Das, designer and director of Maku Textiles, disgruntled by expensive machine-made drapes and patterns of consumption he witnessed whilst working with a design house in New York, moved to India to create a considered range of textiles.

Santanu found inspiration in his Bengali heritage and began his journey to revive traditional hand-woven jamdani and Tangail fabrics. Working closely with artisans, he moved into the world of fashion and away from wall coverings. His love and appreciation for the process of indigo dyeing are central to all of his designs. The collections are predominantly white and blue- and he hopes this limited colour palette will lead the wearer to focus on the delicate fabrics and appreciate the variations that come with indigo dyeing. Indigo dyeing is all about an extraordinary chemistry process; the results depend not only on the soil, temperature, handling but also on the type of fabric used.

Maku ethos is deeply rooted in- 'an urge to bring a change, a change towards sustainability, change towards tolerance.
A collective hope towards a better world'.