Moi Namaste





Moi Namaste is a woman owned and led contemporary fashion brand founded by Pukhraj Ranjan in 2020. Moi Namaste is Pukhraj’s love letter to Finland and shares her love of the beauty and culture of her homeland, India. The brand is a confluence of two cultures and celebrates Indian craftsmanship, textile heritage and techniques with Nordic sentiments and deep love for sustainability, nature and functionality.

Moi Namaste’s mission is to provide fair, and empowering livelihood opportunities for artisans. They prioritise working with women-led social enterprises that provides a safe, fair and dignified livelihood opportunities to women and traditional craftspeople.
They work in partnership with independent female artists, women-benefitting self-help groups, small and medium-sized women-led enterprises, and NGOs across India. As a brand, they are committed to being people & planet positive.
Their core values include transparency and sustainable development, promoting green values and conscious consumption. To this extent, Moi Namaste produces its products using vintage sarees, quilts, and organic cotton. Luxurious and vibrant kimonos and overlays are crafted from vintage silk and Benares silk sarees.
Moi Namaste is committed to nurturing and supporting eco-friendly, traditional, handcraft techniques and works with the communities to bring these techniques back to mainstream fashion and help to reduce the stress on Mother Earth.