Handwoven Green Polka Dot Gathered Sleeve Detail Handwoven pink cotton pleat detail top sleeves





Nambi-Kai in Tamil translates to 'Hope', and when the two words are looked at separately, it means 'Trust in Handmade'.

Nambi-kai is a woman-owned and led contemporary Indian fashion brand founded by Delshia Antony Raj in 2021. Delshia, a textile Design Student from NIFT, Chennai, fell in love with the art of Kalamkari and has been working with artisans to revive this traditional art in a modern contemporary setting. Her collections- a result of careful experimentation between herself, the Kalamkari artisans, dyers and the production team.


Thinking out of the box, Delshia, with her team, went through a chaotic process of breaking boundaries, unlearning, of experimentation to finally land on the perfect combination of design, artwork and production. 


Nambi-kai is inspired by nature, and their designs capture; the freedom and the essence of nature. The fabric is hand-painted, the silhouettes flow freely, and make space for the gentle, organic flaws that define craft and art. They celebrate the little imperfections. The craftspeople are treated as artists themselves and given the freedom to create. Nambi-kai as a brand began with the hope of reviving the essence of Kalamkari while delivering well-constructed garments that drape beautifully, creating silhouettes that are unconventional to sustainable fashion and traditional craft. 


Every piece of garment, Nambi-kai produces is recreated and not replicated, which makes every piece unquestionably unique. 


naturally dyed multi colour button shirt hand painted naturally dyed sleeveless midi dress hand painted contrast blue midi dress Handwoven yellow cotton top