SATAT is a woman-owned and led contemporary jewellery brand by Radhika Malhotra , a NIFT design graduate. The name SATAT means sustainable and continuous, which also forms the core ethic of the brand. Radhika, a sustainability enthusiast and a conscious designer herself, believes that a designer has the power to shape the attitude and thinking of people by offering products that; are well thought out in terms of design, impact on the environment, carbon footprint, and in turn forge a brave new and better world. 

Radhika and her team; are vested in their product’s lifecycle, i.e. from conception to realisation and believe in creating an ethical and meaningful life through making choices that are in harmony with the environment. Their pieces are 100% handcrafted on reclaimed wood with traditional tools, created through an elaborate and patient process of 15-20 steps.

SATAT aims at rediscovering a considered lifestyle. They believe in timeless style, seasoned craftsmanship, sustainable materials and processes that have a lesser impact.

The team believes that- Life is in the pauses, not in the inhalation or exhalation. But at the moment in between, where everything and nothing co-exists.