The Santra Project





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The Santra Project is a woman-owned and led Indian brand founded in 2021 by Tanisha Thyagarajan. Born out of love to bridge the gap between craftspeople and consumers, this contemporary brand is committed to nurturing century-old traditional methods and working with artisans to preserve their ancient textile crafts. A collective that works towards transparency, fair trade, ethical consumerism, they draw inspiration from travels, memories and old family photographs.  

The Santra Project is a small business with a big heart, one they create with the labour of love. Their designs and pieces are simple, versatile and fuss-free, almost like a bowl of soul food, and their beliefs lie in practising mindful, slow and holistic living daily and consider their business to be a closet seedling, a humble living and breathing entity, bursting with ideas, colours and desires.

A seedling that endeavours to grow into a creative forest, a craft at a time. One that bears you fruits when nurtured by them.