Values and Ethics

"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness." -


At Salt.Mango.Tree, we believe in the pleasure that comes with good quality and long-lasting products. We want all of our products to be with you for seasons and years to come, be it our fashion, home décor, arts and crafts, books, etc. To cherish something for years is an art that has been left behind, and we hope to bring it alive. Therefore, we take utmost care and undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure a beautifully finished product, perfect fit, classic and timeless pieces so that it works with your wardrobe, your home, your lifestyle, and of course, your style. 

If you would like any assistance with choosing your piece whether it is fashion or lifestyle items, do reach out to us via our email We love helping our customers choose meaningful garments and/or objects they will cherish and treasure for years to come and even be handed down as heirloom pieces. It’s a joy to assist those that share our ethos of conservation and celebration. 

S.M.T loves and honours handmade and handcrafted pieces. Every piece is created by an artist that gives their love, care, and effort into creating a meaningful and long-lasting item for you to cherish. We form relationships with brands that value the importance of ethical and sustainable practices, harbouring a community of learning and supporting. Garments available on S.M.T are produced from handloom organic fabrics, use natural and azo-free dyes, and most detailing and embroideries are all done by hand, unless otherwise specified, as being transparent and truthful to our customers is equally important to us. 



Our Core Values

Brand Partnerships:

We work with environment-friendly, ethical, sustainable brands, designers, and artisan communities. India is a country with countless multi-faceted living traditions of handicraft; and we are forever scoping for brands who engage and interact with these communities, respect their knowledge and work with the artisans to keep these traditions alive. 

The brand/designers we work with champion artisans, manufacture through traditional techniques, use sustainable and non-power-based long-established making processes and technology. They employ dyes obtained from vegetables and other natural sources. They encourage, nurture and support the rich tradition and legacy of weaving technologies like Khadi, Jamdani. They are constantly and consistently experimenting and pushing the boundaries of convention, technology whilst keeping the designer and artisan at the centre of the process. 

We also love the fact that these brands work with women from rural India who are determined to make a better life for themselves. The work they do to empower and give prosperous opportunities to women is truly inspirational. 


Fair Pricing Approach

At Salt.Mango.Tree, we believe in a kind and just world where every living thing is given equal importance with no disparity in health or wealth, gender, species. Unfortunately, fast fashion brands have created a culture of ‘use and throw’ with bargain prices/throwaway prices and sales every week, which inadvertently affects somebody somewhere. 

Whilst we understand that not everybody can spend on an ethically made garment yet, we hope that one day, slow fashion and slow living will be the new normal. As a collective group, we hope to make enough noise for big brands and policy makers to hear us! 

What you are paying for is the time and love that goes into the designing and making of these garments and objects that will surely spark joy every time it is worn or used. What you are paying for is supporting and nurturing these traditions. What you are paying for is keeping alive traditions that are 700 years plus! 


Living Wage:

We understand and value the gravitas of a living wage, something the fast fashion industry denies its workforce. Having to decide whether to pay life bills or put food on the table is something no human should be reduced to. 

We believe every object made by human hands retains a tiny bit of their souls, emotions, dreams, and it is a no-brainer to us that happy hands make happy products. That’s why it is important for us to work with brands and designers who value their artisans and makers and form the forefront of their priorities. 


Sustainable suppliers:

We are mindful of our impact on the environment and work very hard to minimize our footprint. Whilst we are yet to tick every environmental and sustainability goal, we have set out for ourselves, these goals form part of our core business values, and we take them very seriously. 


Packing Materials:

For our product packing, we use recycled brown kraft wrapping paper, natural jute twine and choose sustainably produced mailers. Our Thank You cards are printed on recycled kraft brown cards and vegetable-based inks are used for the logo. 

We do our best to eliminate unnecessary stationery and therefore, no copies of invoices [unless requested] are included with orders. An email with all details will be sent to the buyer at the time of purchase. We also strongly recommend our customers create an account with Salt.Mango.Tree so all necessary details are available at the tip of the finger. 


Not following Trends: 

We do not believe in trends, nor are we trendsetters. What we believe in are classic and timeless pieces crafted through excellent design and craftsmanship. We believe in conscious consumption and production which means we carry only a limited number of pieces of each design.